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You will be provided with the best tutor to meet your needs and the same teacher will be assigned for your demo session.

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How do I get a tutor?

We hire experienced teachers who are expert on their respective subjects through various means including this website students can register themselves by signing up on this site and requesting for a class (free demo). Thereafter classes for students are scheduled as per the timing and convenience of both teachers and students.

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How does Acme online learning work?

We provide assistance in complete spectrum of online learning to include maths, science, humanities, language, competative exams etc.

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What can I get help with?
What's the minimum time for a learning session?

There is no embargo on duration of a learning session. However we recommend the duration of each session should be some where between 30 mins to 2 hours.

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Yes, it will be our endeavour to assign the best teacher to fulfill your needs. 

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Can I work with the same tutor again?
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